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10th Anniversary Celebrations!
Happy anniversary!

New content has arrived:

Anniversary sword
Be sure to collect the latest traditional anniversary sword at /warp 10thSword

Texture Pack version 3.0
We've got a brand new type of custom item: Hats! 12 of them are now available, and more will come in the future!

Mush Co. Trivia Game
Been around for a while? Put your knowledge to the test with this quiz at /warp MushTrivia ... there may be a special, very limited reward for players who score highly...
Mini-game hub
For those who have been active the past couple months, you'll know we've been revamping and automating our classic mini-games, as well as making entirely new ones! We now have an official hub at /warp Minigames

Later today
Don't forget that, we'll be getting a brand new spawn in roughly 10 hours from now! If you're interested in developing the new spawn town, be sure to grab some spawn land!
~ CCShad on 2022-04-10 10:20:19

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