The following are the official ingame rules for The Mushroom Co. Survival Minecraft Server and Webbcraft.

The underlying rules are: Be respectful, Be Ethical and Use Common Sense.

General Rules:

  1. No Griefing
  2. No Hacking (x-ray, flymod, nodus & other cheats, hacks or mods used to gain an unfair advantage)
  3. Be nice to other players
  4. Do not be abusive
  5. Do not ask for ranks other than citizen
  6. No asking for free items or creative mode
  7. Do not give cheated/spawned items away
  8. No Spamming
  9. No murderous slaughtering of players (excessively/repeatedly killing people)
  10. No excessive swearing
  11. Do not advertise other servers
  12. Only donators may have colourful or flashy nicknames

By playing on the server you agree to follow and abide by these rules; failure to do so will result in the appropriate punishment (mute, kick, jail or ban).
The staff reserve the right to discern what punishment is suitable for breach of the rules; if you feel you have been unfairly punished or are unhappy with the way staff are handling issues, please contact us.

Staff Specific Rules:

  1. Do not abuse power or commands
  2. Do not give out ranks appart from citizen
  3. Do not disband permanent factions
  4. Do not punish or accuse without evidence
  5. Do not give out free items or creative mode
  6. Do not give out colourful or flashy nicknames
Includes all normal rules

Last Updated: 10/08/2018